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cup of reconciliation with his own blood, he says to
you through this cup of the holy sacrament, 'I will
never leave thee, nor forsake thee !' Lord, we hold fast
to thy word ! Lord, we build upon thy testimonies !
Who can dwell longer on what this night has taken
from him ? Whose breast is not filled with consolation
from on high ? Whose heart does not beat with child-
like gratitude to our Father in heaven ? He has sent
his messenger before — even this chalice ! He is here,
and gives to every one of the fullness of his riches. He
is here, O daughter of Sion, and has created a sanctu-
ary in thy heart, whose foundation is the Kock of assur-
ance, whose columns are light and grace, whose altar
is the promise of this life and the life to come, whose
battlements are peace and blessedness. Poor and help-
less as we came into the world, we stand now before
him. He allows us to be born again, that we may
henceforth be more wholly his, nourished only by the
pure milk of faith, strong only in his strength, rich
only in his wealth, blessed only in his love. Lord
our God, here we are, we are thine, heirs of thy king-
dom, no longer children of this world."

   All earthly perisheth, time's rightful prey,
    But love and faith shall bloom without decay.