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those necessary changes which are inseparable from all at-
tempts to mold ideas conceived in one language into the
forms required by the idiom and genius of another.
  The biographical sketch which precedes the volume is
abridged from a life of the author by his son. It pre-
sents little of incident or interest, except as it is con-
nected with Biernatzki's life as a Hallig preacher, and it
has therefore been restricted to such &cts as properly be-
long to literary history.
  The work before us may be regarded as in its &cts an
autobiography of that portion of his life which most com-
mends him to the affection and respect of men, and there
is good reason to believe that in his pastoral relation to
his humble flock, he more nearly realized the ideal he had
sketched in his picture of Hold's professional life than his
own modesty allowed him to suppose.