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in all her occupations ; how industriously she had spun
to make ready for the housekeeping ; and then she
named to him every article which she had in readiness,
part of which she was to receive from her mother, and
the rest she had prepared for herself. Godber felt as if
in some painful dream, which was constantly pressing
more and more heavily upon his heart. But she talked
on — how she had prayed God so often to bring him
safely back again ; with what confidence she relied upon
the fulfillment of her petition ; with what heartiness
she would thank her Heavenly Father for his goodness
and mercy ; and she hoped He would not be offended
with her because she had not yet been able, from the
excess of her joy, to frame a proper thanksgiving.
While she with childish simplicity sometimes addressed
herself to God, and sometimes spoke to Godber about
their going to church together for the first time, her
words fell like lead upon his heart. He was obliged to
stop to recover his breath, and his knees threatened to
fail him.
  Maria observed it ; but not suspecting the true cause,
she took him tenderly by the arm, and reproached him
for having refused to take refreshment at her mother's ;
he was so much exhausted, and it was quite wrong in
him not to have fairly rested. "But just wait a little,"
she added ; "for the next fortnight you shall not stir
from the arm-chair. I will nurse you like a baby.
Wrapped in father's sheepskin, and with his woolen
night-cap over your ears, you shall get thoroughly warm
  "Really it is dreadful — the way in which you have
exposed your health by refusing to come into the