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to consider the relation of things, or think of conse-
quences where her own inclinations were concerned, she
now resigned herself to the impulse of the moment, and
this impulse was more than gratitude toward the pre-
server of her life. It was, if not a love capable of every
sacrifice, an ebullition of passion which makes as strong
claims upon its object. She desired to please in order
to win the heart of the young man for whom her own
spoke warmly, and she was far from wishing merely to
make him the slave of her caprice, although her whole
conduct was guided by motives of which only a coquette
is capable. Godber gazed upon the lovely image with
silent rapture. Fixed to the spot where he stood, he
saw her move toward him with a look which penetrated
the depths of his soul. As she now seized his hand,
pressed it to her heart, and with melting tones, said
familiarly, "Godber, my deliverer ! how could you leave
us so early witliout receiving my thanks for a morning,
which, without you, I should never have seen !" At
these words he almost sunk at her feet ; and Idalia had
obtained the most complete victory. This was not un-
observed by her, as the satisfied smile on her lips plainly
showed. He must sit down by her side, while Maria,
timid, embarrassed, and suddenly disconcerted, in the
presence of the stranger, scarcely ventured to seat her-
self opposite to Idalia, and only threw half glances to-
ward her whose delicate beauty, and whose costume,
familiar, yet strange, fixed all her attention. She could
not avoid a feeling which was more than mere un-
easiness, at her appearance, and the familiar manner
of the strangers toward Godber. Bhe could not help
involuntarily comparing the rounded, but slender form