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Die unto self ! aye, nobly slay,
With Allah's aid, that birth of sin
Which eats thy budding wings away,
And, grub-like, leaves but dust within.
Then live to God for man, till He
Take thee to His eternity !"
The vision passed while yet she spoke,
And full of joy and peace I woke.
Gerda, 'tis not the moment now,
Had I the power, to tell thee how
My heart hath tempted me to fly
With Melleff, or, renouncing, die !
Enough — at length my heaven-taught soul
Pants high for a diviner goal —
Is strong to take the longest road,
The roughest, mortal ever trod,
So it but lead at last to God —
To lose for earth one single beam
That crowned the pure immortal day
Beheld in my departed dream,