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the other, so should no one, whether he be priest or
layman, fail to labor in building up this true knowledge
for himself, or neglect the opportunity to ripen in wis-
dom, virtue, and godliness."
  "But where," inquired Mander, "is this true wisdom
to be found, to which we should refer all things, and
by which we should prove all things ?"
  "It is not, and can not be," replied Hold, "where
error and delusion are, to say the least, always possible
— in any system of philosophy. It can only be drawn
from the fountain of truth itself."
  "I might answer," said Mander, "not without be-
traying a painful emotion, with the question of Pilate,
What is truth ?"
  "The word of God," said Hold, firmly, and solemn-
ly. But a slight shake of the head on the part of
Mander, and an almost contemptuous smile from his
son, showed him how unsatisfactory his answer had
been to his listeners.
  Oswald now reminded his father that it was already
late, and the guests departed with the welcome prom-
ise to repeat the visit soon.