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no right of judgment in reference to circumstances, but
simply declares the judgment of God in the case pre-
sented. In this way alone docs it preserve its freedom
against the assaults of evil inclinations and desires ; that
it derives its light and power from a height to which
these can not attain. But if it seek itself to find the
way in which we should walk, then it falls into bondage,
is perhaps a proud but a willing servant of evil spirits
and worldly desires, and wears the livery of his lords.
Conscicnce has need of a fixed pole, the stand-point of
Archimedes, to plant the lever wherewith it may move
the world. It has not its light within itself, but requires,
even as the natural eye, light from without to enable it
to see. Arc then the intellectual and the spiritual so
divided and distinct in man, that each may keep itself
entirely free from the action and influence of the other ?
Can the one act and choose for itself without any har-
mony with the other ? Then, while the heart shrinks
from a sacrifice that virtue requires ; while sensuousness,
evil inclinations, and worldly wisdom, selfishly advise to
choose the broad road, is conscience, without any guide
except these impulses, likely to act independently of the
common brotherhood ? Will it not very soon join in
the seductive song of the sirens, or at least, will not its
protesting discord be drowned, unless aid from without
be afforded it ? When long habit makes us thought-
less and indifferent about the way in which we walk ;
when the paths which we are treading have become so
natural and so convenient to our feet that we no longer
think of choosing others, has not then the conscience
fallen into the same habit ? Will it watch while thou
sleepest ? Will it stand while thou art going forward ?