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in sullen silence, sometimes sighs and convulsive starts
announced the strong agitation within. Idalia could
scarcely endure longer this tension between curiosity
and vexation. Her insensible lover had not even heard
her sobs. To her joy her father at length came in, and,
from his sympathizing and consoling words to Godber,
who had risen hastily on his entrance and endeavored
to appear more calm, she now learned the discovery of
the bodies. If Godber's distress at the fate of those who
had long been given up as lost was incomprehensible to
her, if she felt still more wounded that so small a cause
could call forth such behavior toward her, she had at
least gained this, that jealousy had no longer any part
in her judgment of his conduct. Glancing at her own
figure in the glass, she could not help smiling at the
idea that she could for a single moment have been jeal-
ous of a hallig maiden. But Godber should be se-
verely punished, at her feet should he implore forgive-
ness, and only after long entreaty would she even give
him her hand to kiss as a first sign of a future pardon ;
a perfect reconciliation should not take place for several
days, that he might never again forget how entirely his
happiness depended upon her love, and that this hap-
piness must be purchased by entire submission and self-
  And this is called love !
  For this day at least Godber did not seem inclined to
take any steps in the way of repentance, for casting
only a single look at Idalia, he went with Mander to
the pastor's house to consult about the funeral. Hold
named the persons likely to have the proper coffins, and
Godber went for them. When he returned to the par-