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The Lord shall see thy tears and hear thy sighs, that
thy humility may be made manifest, and thy wounds
from his chastening. Thy prayers and entreaties shall
rise to Heaven for strength and energy. Thou shalt not
be silent before him, as if thou already hadst what
thou needest. Thou shalt learn from the Author and
Finisher of our faith, to whom it would have been a
small thing to assume that cold, hard indifference with
which thou seekest to bear and suffer ; thou shalt learn
from him who wept and prayed, 'Father, if it be pos-
sible let this cup pass from me.' See, Maria, a spirit
has come over you which is not the true one, however
much it may boast of its patience and tranquillity. Let
us who have a Father in heaven ; let us go to him iu
sorrow as well as in joy. We will speak with him con-
fidingly — with child-like frankness and sincerity of
heart. We will ask him, and he shall answer and ex-
plain to us why he hath done thus. Certainly we shall
have an answer such as the Saviour obtained, when he
cried to Heaven upon the cross, 'My God, my God,
why hast thou forsaken me ?' and the reply was re-
ceived when, in expiring, he prayed, 'Father, into thy
hands I commend my spirit.' Go into thy chamber, and
weep from a full heart, before thy Father who is in
Heaven, and may thy tears no longer fall like burning
drops on a barren soil, but may they become a heavenly
dew to cool the wounds of thy heart.'"
  Maria's tears flowed more freely, and she said at
length, "Now I understand in myself what means,
'Lord, I believe! help thou my unbelief !'"
  "Yes, it is so," replied Hold. "The understanding
of Scripture comes to us only by degrees. It would al-