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the dark mystical language of metaphysics, he has
spoken far more powerfully and more effectually against
it. He always testified that he spoke not of himself,
but only declared what God had given him to declare.
But as to the errors which philosophy combats, you
must yourself admit — and the contending philosophical
theories sufficiently prove this — that in her conflict with
these, she has not yet discovered the truth herself, and
that she often conjures up new falsehoods which would
be more pernicious than those she is attacking, if the
poison did not find its antidote in the unintelligible dia-
lect of the spiritual poison-vender. You have already
confessed that to you, philosophy has not been able to
bring peace, and that, so far as you are concerned at
least, she has failed of her aim."
  "It is precisely that which depresses me so much,"
said Mander. "I can not sleep away life, burying my-
self like a mole in the earth. A restless force is continu-
ally driving me out of these merely temporal concerns,
these surfeiting sensual enjoyments, these inferior cares,
to sigh, and ask anew, What is truth ? again to look up-
ward, and long for the light which, like an ignis fatuus,
leads me into by-paths — for the peace which beckons,
and yet flies from me."
  "Then throw away at once your knowledge and your
doubts," said Hold, with zeal. "Away with the old
inquiries and speculations ! Offer once more to the
Great Father in Heaven a childlike, open heart, that
desires nothing but to receive. Rise once more, with a
free soul, from the pit into which you have fallen, and
be not ashamed of prayers and tears ! Then truly you
shall find that Heaven sees and pities the seeking, long-