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  "Is it the work of man," answered Hold, "our own
work, which at such moments lifts us far above all
our former sensations and emotions ? We can beget
only what is like ourselves ; we can only elevate our
selves in degree ; we can only advance on the same
road; we can not overleap the gulf — we can not cre-
ate something new. But I ask you, I ask every one
who has experienced similar periods of devotion, whether
he was not an entirely different being from what he
had been before ? Whether the old man did not
fall off like a garment, and a new one spring up in
him so that he became another creature full of light
and life, until the former darkness again came over
him, and he recognized himself in the old garb ? But
who, save the Almighty Creator, could call forth such
a new creature ?"
  "Admitting all this," said Mander, "here is no ques-
tion answered. Even with very imperfect religious con-
ceptions, such periods of devotional elevation are not
wanting. They may be perhaps a revelation of the
Godhead, but a revelation by which no knowledge of God
is gained."
  "There is at least joy, peace, and blessedness gained
for the moment, and the certainty that God has an ac-
cess to the human heart which is not, like our way to
him, filled up with stones of stumbling. The confi-
dence is gained that he will not leave his child in error
and blindness, in the dust, but that he will give him
of his fullness what is needful for him to know, that
he may not lack the power of receiving the gift of his
Holy Spirit by which he may be called to carry the fruit
of these consecrated hours into his ordinary life. Yes,