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revelation itself. And whence then comes the peace
of these many ? From this, because they seek no nour-
ishment beyond this gathered crumb ; or because they anx-
iously hold in check their reason, that is striving to escape
from that twilight, as if it were a spirited horse, which,
in rushing forward, might dash his rider over a preci-
pice. How often do we hear the remark — This is a sub-
ject not to be examined further except at the expense
of reason, as there are examples enough in the mad
houses to prove ? Just heaven ! am I not to think
upon the link which binds me to communion with the
Eternal ? upon the light by which I am to walk while
on earth in the way of the children of God ? upon the
bridge which is to conduct me over time's destruction
and death's decay, to a blessed eternity ? Am I to
shrink from reflecting upon these things ? Shall I fear
to look boldly into them ? Shall I timidly draw back
at the prospect of more light ? Where the worship of
God in spirit and in truth is concerned, where my own
being, my confidence in life and death, my salvation in
time and eternity, is at stake — am I there to take as a
warning the fate of the fly whose wings are scorched
by the flame that attracts it ?"
  "But is not this often, in fact, the fate of those who
inquire too deeply ?" asked Mander. "If they have
not discovered it themselves in their passion for some
brilliant systems, still it shows itself in their own change
of doctrine, in the contradictions which are apparent in
them, in the trifling influence of their wisdom which
lives feebly on in a few disciples, and even in them as-
sumes quite a different form from that in which she
sprang, Minerva-like, from the head of her master."