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been in getting the cargo out of the wreck, winter will
come and swaddle us in ice and snow, with this 'wave-
rocked child of ocean born,' till spring. Besides, it would
give my future brother-in-law a chance to practice the
art of riding." "Skill in riding is quite unnecessary
here," replied Godber ; "and here I would live, and here
die, by the side of Idalia."
  Oswald looked with astonishment now at him, now at
Idalia, who could not find in Godber's tone the jest
which was certainly intended by his words.
  "Idalia here !" exclaimed Oswald, when he found
words to express his wonder. "Here, on this solitary
turnip, which is rolling about in Neptune's big kettle !
this amphibium which one knows not whether to call a
land animal or a turbot ! Here, in this room painted
heavenly blue and purple red! Here, with the eternal
tea-kettle and its near relations, sheep's-milk cheese and
black bread ! Here, Idalia princess of the ball-room !
queen of the kingdom of hearts! the hope and despair
of a hundred suitors ! the undisputed leader in the cir-
cles of fashion ! that's a precious idea of yours, Godber,
that I shall not have done laughing at for a week."
  Godber turned from him, coloring with vexation ;
and taking Idalia's hand with confidence, repeated to
her, with the tenderest expression, the words from her
own song:

     "Is there any region
        Where thy potent will
      Could not place thy creature —
        There held captive still ?"

It was doubtful whether he intended by this to express
his willingness to follow her wherever she desired, or