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asked whether God could be so merciful as the Gospel
asserts in the doctrine of a Redeemer ? For that is a
question which denies him perfection — perfection in
the most glorious attribute in heaven or earth — love.
The only question is, was it needful for man fur the
healing of his soul, for his peace in life and death, that
God should reveal himself as the way, the truth and
the life, as Saviour, Mediator, Redeemer, and Prince of
Peace ? Man must answer this question in the affirm-
ative, when he has faithfully examined his conscience,
himself and his life ; when he has learned to disdain and
despise all half-way courses, all lukewarmness in thought
and deed, then he may with a bold hand grasp at the
cloud, then he can joyfully admit 'that God so loved
the world.' Then will he no more ask how can such
things be ? For as the being of God is far above hu-
man knowledge and understanding why should not the
love of God be above his knowledge and understanding
as well ?"
  "You have a faith strong enough to remove mount-
ains," said Mander, with emotion.
  "Would that it were so," replied Hold ; "then we
would soon be of the same faith."
  "I would willingly inquire what I shall do to inherit
eternal life," said Mander, speaking rather to himself
than to the pastor.
  "Ask the Scripture which testifies of Christ. First
of all, consider carefully the law. Try your life and
conduct, with unsparing severity, by the commands of
God, and by the example of our Lord. Excuse not
yourself of any sin on the plea of weakness ; for any
impurity on the ground of natural impulse ; attribute