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higher surface of the hallig. Even if it were necessary
to wade a little in the soft mud, or now and then to
leap over a channel or run, still they would get home
before evening. The idea of being detained in this
way, made Oswald impatient, and every hour of ab-
sence from his family was a loss of so much happiness
to Hold. The two sailors made no objection to let the
boat he till the next tide, as they had often done before,
and so the four set out together on their way to the
hallig. The many unfortunate accidents which had
happened to ebb-walkers, certainly ought to have with-
held them from this undertaking ; but the air was so
clear and the land so nigh, how could there be any
danger ? Oswald laughed outright when Hold re-
marked incidentally, that such attempts had cost many
a life, and even the latter was readily induced to be-
lieve that to-day, there could be no risk. O short-
sighted mortals who think themselves so safe, when
rushing into the very arms of death ! Scarce ten min-
utes had passed when the wanderers stood anxious and
uncertain, knowing no longer in which direction to turn
their steps, whether backward or forward. A thick fog
which came so suddenly that it was impossible to tell
whether it was from the earth or the air, had com-
pletely surrounded them.
  These fogs, or sea mists, are often not higher than
six or eight feet, and it once happened to us that we
conversed from the deck of a vessel, with people on the
island, without being able to see any thing of them ex-
cept their heads which seemed to swim in clearest
light over the gray impenetrable mass, and whose mo-
tion from place to place, the body and limbs being