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to maintain peace, because its interests, which suffer
severely during war, weigh heavily in the balance
against it. It makes the earth one common country,
man a single nation, which, though differing in lan-
guage and customs, is united by mutual intercourse,
and though often roused to conflict, yet at the first
note of peace, is again bound together by brotherly ex-
  "And," continued Hold, "does not the flag of com-
merce open to the Gospel messenger, lands which would
otherwise be inaccessible to him ? Does not trade
build for the word of God bridges from land to land,
and from people to people ? Destroy commerce, and it
will be long before we can say, one flock under one
Shepherd, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God
and father of all ! We can not all labor directly, but
some must work indirectly, for the kingdom of God.
If we would elevate our calling, which, apparently,
serves to promote only immediate earthly well-being ;
we must learn to connect it with the one thing needful,
with the raising of the children of dust to the children
of God. It is a pleasure to the physician, if he has
been able, by his science, to raise his patient from the
brink of the grave to the enjoyment of life. But his
joy is greater, diviner, if he considers besides, that God,
through him, has granted to an immortal soul a longer
probation in which to ripen for eternity — that. God,
through him, has given a sinner yet room for repent-
ance, to one weak in faith, an opportunity to grow
stronger, to the devout, time to reach still greater per-
fection. So, too, the merchant. He provides the
necessities and business which perhaps satisfy only the