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  As the day of departure drew near, Idalia found it
absolutely necessary to speak frankly to Godber. She
would willingly have seen their connection entirely dis-
solved without any such explanation. She had already
anticipated, in thought, her return home, and fancied
herself again in the brilliant circles of her native town,
in full enjoyment of an animated existence. There too,
she hoped her father and brother would soon recover
from their strange whims, which were only fed by soli-
tude and their long talks with Hold. Her aversion to
their mysticism, as she called it, rendered the hallig al-
together disagreeable to her ; and her dissatisfaction on
this subject, extended even to her relation with Godber,
who was so one with his island, that he seemed to hes-
itate whether he would sacrifice it, or his love. There
was always the same tenderness in Godber's manner ;
but she well knew that he would not leave his home
for her without some hesitation ; and now that his
passion found no longer a response in her heart, his af-
fectionate devotion seemed to her unmanly and childish.
She could not understand how she had ever been able to
think of a closer connection with him. She could no
longer see what she had found extraordinary and at-
tractive about him, and called herself a fool for having
allowed her gratitude to her deliverer, to go so far. She
now seriously feared that he might decide to follow her,

was less than was hoped. I here transcribe the last verse of that greet-
ing, with a heart as warm as when I wrote it:

      Hail to the isle where civic wreaths
        Are crowning every head!
      There found we ready sympathy,
        And not less ready, aid.