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heart to any great heights of light and happiness. In
this mood, his hallig seemed to him the only spot upon
earth which could satisfy him, the place in which alone
the wounds of his heart could be healed. It was impos-
sible for him to fancy himself in the midst of social
tumult ; and he shrank from the fearful loneliness and
abandonment, which he should feel among men who
were engaged in the loud bustle of life.
  The pastor — in whom exactly opposite feelings had
been excited by his intercourse with the guests of the
island, by their animating conversations, by the renewed
exchange of thoughts, by the recollection of the activity
of the great world, and who oftener than before, looked
longingly over the water which separated him from the
mainland, and its spiritual and political interests — sur-
prised Godber in his dream.
  Their conversation soon turned to the subject in
which both, each in his way, were especially interested.
  "So, then, you are going to leave us ?" said Hold.
  "No, no," replied Godber, warmly ; "I shall not
leave my home."
  "And does Idalia remain here ?" asked Hold, with
  "I do not know," replied Godber, gently, and in a
hesitating tone.
  "You do not know!" exclaimed the pastor, at the
same time, looking inquiringly at the young man, who
stood before him, silent and with downcast eyes. "You
do not know ! Godber, have you examined yourself ?
are you sure that you are taking the right course ?"
And as Godber still did not answer, he went on earn-
estly, "Certainly you would never be happy in a great