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printed works were theologioal, or at least of a decidedly
religious tendency. The first of his tales, "The way to
Faith," appeared in 1835. "The Hallig," on which his
reputation as a writer mainly rests, in 1836, and a revised
and enlarged edition of this work was his last literary labor.
His other productions consist of works of imagination in
poetry and in prose, sermons, and occasional essays ; and
though none of them have been so well received as "The
Hallig," they are in general characterized by the same ex-
cellences as that remarkable work.
  Biernatzki continued in charge of his church at Fried-
richstadt until his death, which took place in May, 1840,
just after he had been nominated to the pastorate of
Süderau. This was a much more desirable position than
those he had before occupied, and he had the dying con-
solation of knowing that his merits were at length recog-
nized, though it was not the will of Providence, that he
should enjoy an earthly reward for his fidthfol devotion
to the responsibilities and duties of a life of toil, of suf-
fering, and of privation.