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his own and his son's wish to receive the communion,
what his views were, with regard to the holy Eucharist.
Hold replied:
  "I would rather you had not inquired, but, undis-
turbed by contending opinions, you had resigned your
soul, with entire passivity, to the impression of this
celebration, and thus learned from itself what it should
be to you. Perhaps this ordinance is not the same to
all, but suited to the wants and capabilities of each ;
and I would rather have heard from you, what worth
you had found in this treasure of Christianity, than have a bias toward some preconceived opinion ; for
such discussion is hardly practicable without giving rise
to divisions in the Church, which deprive the Supper of
its true character of a communion."
  "But there can be only one true view," objected Man-
der ; "and he only can derive from the sacrament its
full blessing, who knows what the Lord intended by it."
  "All blessing comes from above," was Hold's answer ;
"and I believe there are many who approach the Lord's
table with entirely different views, and yet retire from
it with equal blessing, because, when they receive the
elements, they think no more of their opinions, but re-
sign themselves to the influence which the solemnity it-
self has upon them. Certainly this influence will be
the more sure and "the more lasting with those who,
both before and after the ceremony, understand its full
  "So far you have been my instructor ; continue to
be so ;" begged Mander. "Your judgment, in consid-
eration of what I already owe to you, must have the
weight of authority with me."