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world — a heart that not merely gathers a few sparks
from dust and ashes, but is enkindled by a holy flame,
and is purified and enlightened by this flame, to a tem-
ple from which God willingly sends forth his voice to
the world. Therefore whoever would put forth new
theories and new formulas in spiritual things, let him
not only ask himself what he knows, but also, what is
his life in God and his walk before him. With scho-
lastic learning and critical acumen one may venture to
cut up a Homer ; but the inspiration still glowing in
the divided members, will flash up again to a clear
flame, and a new figure comes forth in all its pristine
strength and beauty. If now, this dry, cold chemistry,
even in its analysis of the products of man's mind and
heart, like the knight of the sorrowful countenance, ob-
tains only a brief victory which makes subsequent de-
feat the more certain, with what face can it presume to
experiment in the realm of the spiritual ? So then the
true doctrine of divine things, as also the true formula
for its expression, can be given only by the Spirit of
God ; and this requires temple and altar, the heights
of Horeb and the plains of Mamre, hearts whose wings
are capable of an eagle's flight, men who have courage
and humility enough to pray God for illumination."
  "But," remarked Mander, "does not the Reformed
Church,* which owes her being to just such men as you
have described, regard the Lord's Supper merely as a
commemorative celebration?"
  "The Reformed Church too," was Hold's reply,
"through the influence of Calvin, soon inclined toward
a deeper significance; although in the Catholic and Lu-
  *The Reformed, as distinguished from the Lutheran Church.