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for the comprehension of his ordinary hearers, while,
from its very simplicity and the constant presentation
of that which had not yet ripened to clear insight in
the minds of the two who were now drawing near the
table of the Lord for the first time, with sincere longing
for the promised blessing — it produced upon them a
truly edifying and strengthening impression. At the
conclusion of this address, the oldest person in the con-
gregation, a man with snow white hair, advanced to-
ward the pastor, and bowing his head, spoke with a
voice trembling with emotion, and the feebleness of old
age, as follows, while all present rose from their seats :
  "Dear and respected pastor, I speak for myself and
in behalf of the rest of the congregation. I entreat you
to hear my confession, and repeat to me the promise of
  "I poor, sinful man, confess and lament that I have
transgressed again and again the commands of the Lord
my God, often sinning against both him and my neigh-
bor, and truly, I justly merit God's sentence of tem-
poral and spiritual death. But I do earnestly repent
of all my sins, and am heartily sorry for them, and I
have no consolation except in the grace of God, which
is greater than my transgressions, and in the dear merits
of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I come, there-
fore, now in the day of grace, that I may receive for-
giveness, and therewith new joy in God and strength to
sanctification through his Spirit. Amen."
  This circumstance, unexpected to the strangers, failed
not to produce its effect upon their hearts. Mander felt
deeply how important it was that the congregation
should take such an active part in this solemnity. For