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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



     Life hath sorrows which, unspoken,
        The resolved heart may dare ;
      But have words the silence broken,
        Broken is the strength to bear.

  The departure of the strangers was fixed for the next
day. The business, which had detained them, had
been completed some days previous, to the satisfaction
of all parties ; and Mander and Oswald took leave of
the inhabitants of the hallig by a visit to every house.
All received them as dear friends whom they could
never hope to see again ; and took leave of them with a
solemnity becoming a last interview ; nowhere without
tears on the part of the islanders, always so sensible to
every kindness shown to them. These people — espec-
ially those on the hallig of which we are speaking, and
on which, so far as the church records show, no illegit-
imate child was ever born ; and within the memory of
the oldest person, no angry quarrel had ever existed —
are quite too easily disposed to consider the world, with
the exception of their little island, as given up to infi-
delity and disorder, particularly the larger towns ; and
the fact that the strangers had united with them in the