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grow up within us. What we call temptations and se-
ductions are merely responses from without to the en-
ticing voice of sin from within. Whoever does not take
the word holy in its full signification, as a complete pur-
ification of ourselves and our lives from all evil thoughts
and worldly desires, as a perfect transformation from a
child of Adam to a child of God in every thought, word
and deed — he knows nothing of the Creator and his
will, or of our vocation upon earth, and still supposes
that one may worship both God and mammon; for all
imperfection and lukewarmness are abhorrent to our
Maker, since whosoever keepeth the whole law and yet
offendeth in one point, is .guilty of all. From this se-
verity we have no power to abate any thing, and God
himself can not, for he is holy."
  Godber wrung his hands, and sobbed aloud, "There
is no help for me !"
  But the pastor continued, " If we lay this to heart,
we can not stand before God with joy, nor with joy ful-
fill his commands. For between him and us our sins
have raised a thick wall of partition, which excludes us
from all hope and consolation, and our attempt to
change our characters and lives, must fail because sin
which has once become powerful in us, can only be over-
come by a severe conflict. To the success of this con-
flict, joy in God and love to him, are necessary ; and we
have them not, so long as our heavy-laden conscience
only testifies of the Judge of quick and dead."
  "He has pronounced sentence already," exclaimed
  "We must be able to cast off the old robe of our own
righteousness, and put on a wedding-garment. We