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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



    Look heavenward, bowed and broken soul ! forget not
      That tears may nourish graces in thy heart ;
    The world's gifts passing, warn thee that thou set not
      Thy love on them, but choose the better part.
    All earthly perisheth, time's rightful prey,
      But love and. faith shall bloom without decay.

  On the morning that followed this night of destruc-
tion, the whole congregation, men, women, and children,
were assembled in the only house still capable of shel-
tering them. All the other dwellings were either en-
tirely swept off, or reduced to mere frame-work. What
a prospect was before the unhappy islanders. Houses,
lands, and flocks, destroyed ! No shelter, no provision
for the ensuing day, not even food and dry clothing for
the moment. Sickness, hunger, cold, and nakedness,
despair or death in the waves on the next returning
tide — such was the fate too nearly threatened to be
overlooked. As they hurried successively to the place
of refuge, each new narrative furnished a fresh subject
for admiration of the divine power and goodness.
  I may mention, among other cases, that of a poor
woman at the point of becoming for the first time a
mother. When the flood came on, she was carried to