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nerves, had for some time seemed conscious of the
coming storm, bounded rapidly before them, and with
noisy barking gathered the sheep and drove them
toward the hut. Already an occasional gust came over
the waves, which rolled up reluctantly and then sank
slowly back, as if too indolent to rouse themselves for
the conflict. The evening sun still stood in the south-
west, but threw its rays only upward. Below it, had
appeared a thick cloud, whose edge reflected a yellow-
ish gray light, and which for some time seemed to
increase neither in length nor breadth, but stood like
a sentinel over the sea. Suddenly another and fuller
gust swept along the deep, but still with such uncertain
strength, that only here and there a solitary wave broke
into foam before it, then all again was still. But now
as if driven by irresistible force, black masses of clouds
rolled upward, and concealed the face of the sun.
Blast followed blast with increasing rapidity and
strength ; more and more restlessly the waves raised
their dark heads. The heavy cloud seemed to stretch
its long arms around the horizon, ever rising higher and
higher, while its deep shadows spread rapidly over the
ocean. Along those shadows the spirit of the storm
seemed to follow in his strength, bowed himself to the
sea, and the fearful conflict began. The billows rose
in broad and mighty lines, as if they would draw the
clouds into their depths. But the tempest beat them
down, so that they fell only to rise, to still greater
heights, and still more madly roared the storm, and
ever higher rolled the waves with heavy dashings.
  Meanwhile the little flock was hastily driven to the
wharf, and now Maria first turned her anxious look