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    How sinks and swells the flood,
      Restless and tossing — yet
    Obedient to His word
      Who ruled Genesaret.

  Let us now turn to the ship which, rocked by the
waves, was lying at anchor in the place it had selected
to await the abating of the storm. As Maria had sus-
pected, and as the skillful steerage of the vessel in
these difficult waters made probable, Godber was in-
deed on board as pilot. Beside himself, the ship's com-
pany consisted of the captain, four sailors, and three
passengers : — Mr. Mander, a merchant from Hamburg,
and owner of the cargo, with a grown son and daughter,
Oswald and Idalia. Mr. Mander had undertaken the
voyage, not on account of his business, but merely for
the sake of his children, who had promised themselves
much pleasure from a sea voyage.
  The captain's hope of regaining his course, as Maria's
mother had said, was disappointed. When after some
hours the ebb commenced, the water, on account of the
strong south-west gale, which was still blowing, re-
treated with so feeble a current, that it was not possi-