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made smooth. It is no sudden leap over the gulf of
affliction, but a gradual path out of the thorns of the
valley, leading to the peaceful palms upon the heights.
As he mounts with the suffering Saviour, he carries
with him his own sorrow, and he feels how near and
sure is the healing hand that guides him. In this
sense also is it true that "no one cometh to the
Father, except through the Son"
       Saviour, the griefe that were thy part
            Throughout life's thomy way,
          Encourage every wounded heart
            To find a Mend in Thee.

          Saviour, thy happy victory won
            O'er every want and woe.
          O'er sorrow's fount a light hath thrown,
            Reflecting heaven below.

          Dew from eternal realms of light,
            Tears such as earth doth weep,
          Shine pearl-like on one garland bright,
            One cup the mingled draught doth keep.

          A tomb, dark offspring of the night !
            A cross of pain and scorn —
          They lead to crowns of glory bright.
            On life's eternal morn.

          Behold the fleshly vail is rent !
            Transfigured are our woes ;
          The sigh may now be upward sent,
            Though bom of earthly throes.

          Thanks for a mortal lot severe,
            The weary way is trod ;
          And now a fiiend doth gently bear
            My spirit home to God.