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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



  O Melleff! had the pictured scroll
  Of Time's strange tale ere met thine eye,
  The anguish of thy fainting soul
  Thou wouldst forget, where thou dost lie,
  Gazing on Zowan's towering crest
  Now in its sunset glory dressed.

Hark ! from yon frowning heights dost thou not hear
Voices unearthly through the gathering gloom,
So low and mournful, that the listening ear
Knows them but echoes from the hollow tomb ?
Alas, we cannot catch the words they speak !
From lips of such ethereal essence light,
Our heavy, cloddish senses are too weak
To guess the mystic meaning half aright.

Oh, for the gift divine, late dreamers claim,
With souls departed converse free to hold !
Then would we bid the dead of olden fame
Come nearer, and the mighty past unfold.