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With passion unto tears — deigns not declare
What now he would retract, and what repeat.
Let us then trace those streams of crystal sheen
To their high sources in the mountain's breast.
Will they not tell us what strange things have been,
Since first their sparkling floods these valleys blest ?

No ! Ammon's temple* even is silent now,
With none to tell who bade its mighty heart
Send forth the tide, whose full and lengthening flow
To thirsty Carthage did its wealth impart.
Alas ! we find no teacher 'neath the skies,
Save giant skeletons of empires dead !
May yet some great historic Cuvier rise,
New light, from these, on ages past to shed !

  * The temple of Jupiter Ammon, the walls of which are still standing,
is the most important of the ruins ot Zowan. The temple was a sort of
chateau d'eau, containing an immense basin for receiving the waters of the
fountains, and delivering them into the aqueduct, which, by a circuitous
route of fifty miles, conveyed them to Carthage.