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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



Before those cheating shadows will
Cease with vain hopes his soul to fill !

Lo, fading is that vision fair !
There is a light stir in the air,
A faint, hot sigh, and all again
Is still — as vainly nature then
Strove to dissolve the fatal spell.
And back to endless silence fell.
Another — a more stifling blast,
Now gust on gust is following fast !
'Tis the thick breath of the simoom,
In cloudy volumes rolling by,
Filling the air with lurid gloom
That shrouds alike the earth and sky.
The camels from the smothering gale
Turn gasping, while the Arabs veil
With thickest folds the averted face,
And man and beast stand motionless.
Fierce was the sand-storm — but soon past ;