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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



Again the fair midsummer-tide
Shines, as when Melleff left his side,
So bold, so full of hope to earn
Such mead for toils he longed to bear,
That he full shortly might return
To free his father's age from care !
Where is he now ? how deep this thought
In every feature is inwrought !
But on that withered cheek a beam
Of fresher hue methinks doth glow.
Oh, is it not the trembling gleam
Reflected from hope's radiant bow ?
Aye, and his eye is dim and bright
By turns from that same changeful light.
Hath some late news of his lost boy
Shed on his heart this doubtful joy ?

But see ! he leaves the twilight shore,
Across the winding creek is gone
Toward a kind neighbor's friendly door,