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Then hear how the bards of the North tell the tale :
When Allfather's work of creation was ended,
That daylight and darkness in turn should not fail,
He called two fair spirits that round him attended.

To rosy young Quelling, his loveliest child,
A virgin whose birthright was beauty eternal,
He spoke thus, in accents paternally mild :
"My daughter, behold, this thy duty diurnal —

"To extinguish the torch of the westering Sun,
When earthward he leaneth, with face flushed and weary ;
And keep it with care till the dew-beaded dawn
Shall scatter dun Night, with her train pale and dreary."

To Delling, the first of the heavenly choir :
"Thine be it, when Sol starteth up from his sleeping,
To bid the torch flame with ethereal fire,
And give it again to his watchfullest keeping."