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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



I thought — age too hath dreams so wild —
I might again behold my child,
With Melleff go — his freedom won —
And to her arms restore her son !
Breathless I sought the crowded quay
Where many a merchant flag waved free,
One from the North — the master 'well
Knew Wolfe and would not fail to tell
Of his boy's bondage ;' "Ah," he cried,
"Now is it well the mother died
Ere this could reach her !" — "Is she dead ?"
Gaspingly, shudderingly I said.
He answered, and I turned, once more
All crushed and hopeless, from the shore. —
Peace has returned. Now am I blest
To know my Mary is at rest.
I follow soon — but I would see,
Ere I depart, her Melleff free !
No ransom comes — and thou, once more,
O Fatmeh, shalt the Bey implore.