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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



"Nor less on thine that peace be shed !"

"O Bey ! lo, all that late was mine,
My flocks, my herds, my tents are thine !
The meanest slave that follows thee
Shall hunger not, nor thirst with me."

"O master of the tent !" replied
The Bey, "thy courtesy was tried
But late ; our presence here to-night
Proves that we value it aright."

Then Aali to his tent repairs,
While for his guest Sheikh Moosa cares,
He bids his servants haste to bring
Fair water from the living spring,
So grateful to the traveller's feet
After such day of toil and heat.
Then smoking viands follow fast
And long, till milk and dates at last
Conclude the generous repast.