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Straight toward our isle her course doth lie.
Let every chilling doubt be gone !
The winding channel now she threads,
As one that well-known pathway treads,
And now at anchor doth she ride ;
They lower a boat — with waving hand
A youth leaps down the vessel's side,
The oars pull swiftly toward the strand —
Distrustful father, fear no more !
Behold thy faith's long trial o'er !
Down every cheek the tears run warm,
And prayers gush forth from every soul,
As Wolfe, stayed by the pastor's arm,
With staggering step descends the knoll.
But ere his tottering feet can reach
The shore, the boat hath touched the beach.
The eager youth with one strong bound
Leaps to the land — looks anxious round.
Will no one greet him ? wherefore stand
In such amaze that island band ?