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  The third god [after Odin] is he who is named Niörthr ; he dwells
in heaven, where it is called Nóatún ; he rules the going of the wind,
and stills the sea and the fire ; on him should men call in seafaring and
fishing. He is so rich and lucky, that he can give to those who ask
him much land or loose-goods. * * * * Niörthr has a wife named
Skathi, the daughter of the giant Thiassi. Skathi would occupy the
dwelling-place of her father ; it is on certain fells, where it is called
Thrumheimr ; but Niörthr would five by the sea. They agreed to
this ; that they would stay nine nights at Thrumheimr, and then other
nine at Nóatún. And when Niörthr came back to Nóatún from the
fell, he chanted this :

Leið erumk fjöll, Tired am I of the fell,
varka ek lengi, I was not long there.
nætr einar ix.; Nine nights only ;
úlfa Þytr The wolves' howling
mèr Þótti illr vera Seemed to me ill,
hjá söngvi svana. To the song of the swans.
Then Skathi chanted this:
Sofa ek máttat Sleep I could not
sæfar beðjum á On the sea shore
fugls jarmi fyrir; For the screaming of the bird ;
sá mik vekr, He wakes me,
er af víði kemr, That comes from the sea,
morgun hverjan már. The mew, every morning.