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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



And a cloud of doubt spread slowly o'er her forehead wide,
While beneath, from lids uplifted, shot the lightning-flash of

Night's thin curtain from the lover could not hide such
    change ;
Low he questioned, "My beloved, wherefore art thou
    strange ?
Hath false friend or envious rival whispered cause of fear ?
By Saint Stephen! but the traitor shall aby his rashness dear !"

Silent, and as one who gathers strength for utmost need,
For a moment stood the maiden, till her drooping head
Rested meek upon his shoulder — then, with rapid gest,
Back she threw the shrouding mantle — and the monarch
    stood confessed !

Swift as ever slid the wild bird from the fowler's hand.
Through his clasping arms she glided, darted toward the