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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



But, sudden, war's attractions cease,
And in my soul sweet thoughts of Peace
Arise, with groves and golden grain,
And laughing children in her train ;
And by a quiet cottage door,
The rosy twilight glowing o'er
Her face, a maiden stands, the same
That oft has blessed my boyhood's dream.
Of late, these images of rest
My soul unceasing have possessed.
I close my eyelids ; they appear
Only more life-like and more clear,
And she who crowneth every scene —
Maria ! thou art still that queen !"

Confused and blushing said the maid,
"Happy the lot of man indeed !
Strong man ! no fetter beareth he,
E'en from his childhood, is he free.
And danger's charms, and glory's crown,