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For earth and heaven thou art mine own !
Far, far removed from war, what bliss,
Within some friendly vale, where peace
Sheltered by mountains dwelleth free,
Could I but live and die with thee !
But ah ! an oath my soul doth chain !
With pallid cheek and glance of ire,
It lays an icy hand between
Our hearts that burn with holy fire.
But fear not ! all shall yet be well !
Redeemed, but never broken, shall
Mine oath be ! Now I must away !
When to her feast of flowers fair May
Next bids us, I am here again
To fetch my bride, my wife ! — till then,
Sweet maid, than life more dear to me,
Half of my soul ! farewell to thee !"

He spoke, — and turning at the word,
Reclasped his belt, resumed his sword,