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Teaches the hills and vales its sound.
"What oath can hold him in its band ?
Some maiden of his native land ?
Some former love ? can this be true ?
My heart protests there ne'er are two !
Thou snow-veiled maiden of the North,
Or one of us must die, or both !
The Southern fire thou dost not know !
Far as thy frozen lakes may lie
Among thy mountains clad in snow,
I'll seek thee ! thou shalt surely die !
But stay ! — a child he left the North,
Nor since, the country of his birth
Hath seen, and from the camp's fierce cry
Love, timid Love, is wont to fly.
No stain on brow that's arched like thine !
There only truth and honor shine.
In thy pure glance I've read the whole,
The deepest secret of thy soul,
As the keen eye of day looks through