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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



With belt and sword how like she grew
To Cupid turned a hero too,
As blazoned on the glittering shield
The son of Clinias bore in field !
"Home of my fathers, fare thee well !
I trust, in love and peace I may
Return, once more in thee to dwell ;
But now I can no longer stay.
Fold me within thy veil, O Night !
And to my Axel aid my flight !" —

Already on a border won
Under the eyelid of the North
Grown drowsy, stood Czar Peter's town.
There mortgaged crowns from the whole earth
Are gathered now ; then in its creek
Still small it lay, but dragon-like.
It shows the serpent, though so young ;
As in the sun-warmed sand he coils,
He hisses with his forked tongue,