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Silenced the cannon's roar ; like grain
Weapons and corpses strew the plain,
And swords smite blindly, but right true,
The necks of that wild flying crew,
And, panic-struck, the robber band,
Slipping their cables, leave the strand.

Sleeping, like glutted beast of prey,
Upon the field grim Slaughter lay.
From heaven's pavilion shone the moon
Upon that desolation down.
Along the shore by night o'erspread,
Walked Axel sighing 'mong the dead.
In couples lying, how they clasp
Each other ! deathly strong that grasp !
A true embrace would'st thou behold,
Look not on lovers, who enfold
Each other smiling ; go
Forth rather to the battle ! see
How to his heart foe presseth foe,