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Death's chills are gathering round my heart !
Oh ! ask not what hath brought me here !
'Tis love alone hath made me err !
When shades of endless night come o'er us,
And the tomb's gate stands close before us,
How different then this life appears !
How small its sorrows and its cares !
Love only, blameless, pure like ours,
Goes with us to the heavenly bowers.
Thine oath, that I have sought to know,
To me the shining stars will show ;
There it stands written ; I shall see,
As clear as they, thy truth to me. —
I know I have done thoughtlessly,
I know thou sorrowest sore for me !
Forgive me — for love's sake thou must ! —
Each tear thou sheddest o'er my dust.
Parent or brother I had none,
But thou to me wert all in one ;
Thou wert my all ! — O Axel swear,