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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



So dark and heavy ; then it grew
As light and joyous as the day.
How shone they in the far, far East,
Those days departed ! Oh, how blest
Were they, how heavenly and how fair !
How happy was poor Axel there !
A castle stood deep in a grove,
It was the mansion of my love.
Pierced, dying, in a wood apart
I lay, life gave she with a kiss,
To my embrace she gave her heart,
That heart so warm, so rich in bliss !
Now in her faded breast, like stone
It lieth cold ! — and all is gone !
Ye stars that burn in yonder sky,
I pray you, quench your light and die !
I knew a morning-star so bright —
A sea of blood hath drowned its light !
The scent of blood breathes from the strand,
Its crimson stain is on my hand !" —