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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



There, seemingly heedless of all around,
  With the sea-damps on his cheek,
Stands Wolfe — lo, he turns toward the new-mown ground,
  And beckons as he would speak !

" To-morrow's the sabbath, the day of rest,"
  Said the old man grave and mild,
" Your hay, if with sunshine again we're blest,
  Will make as it lieth piled.

" Ye may sleep to-night without care or fear ;
  I will watch the wind and tide ;
Should they threaten your harvest, ye shall hear
  My warning echo wide."

The labor is ended, and one by one
  They go to their quiet homes ;
From the snowy flocks each calleth his own,
  Ere the misty darkness comes.