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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



  Dread task ! and now in vain he tries
  To assuage that grief-— the old man cries :
  " Nay, leave me here with God alone,
  Till I can say, ' His will be done ! ' "

The dawn is cloudless, the summer-sun shines
  Again on the grateful isle ;
They may leave their hay till the day declines.
  To worship their God, the while.

And early they gather, with willing feet,
  At their humble place of prayer ;
In simple attire, and with reverence meet.
  The old and the young are there.

The service is read, and the preacher takes
  The word that they wait to hear —
Hark ! whence is the threatening sound that breaks
  From without on his startled ear ?