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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



"For some so long have worn the chain,
And sighed and wept and prayed in vain
For freedom, home and friends, that they
At last grown helpless, old and gray.
Dry joyfully each burning tear
To see the welcome grave so near."

The loving child her white arms flung
Around her nurse, and sobbing hung
On her old neck — "Say, Gerda, say,
Wouldst thou thy Fatmeh leave to-day
For home and friends so far away ?"

"Child of my soul ;* nay ! for I've none.
Those that I loved are long forgone.
For all the North hath left, thy kiss,
My gentle child, I would not miss.
Of all my kin, a single heart
Still beats, and his a bitter part —

  * A common Oriental epithet for an adopted child.