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The ancient name, though long forgot the tale from whence
    it sprung —
The memory of Odur's spouse has perished even from song !
Yet not less valued than of old is the fair merchandise,
And for our frugal islanders their choicest stores it buys.
All these they gladly will resign ; henceforth it is their care
To consecrate the wealth so gained to rear a house of prayer.
A few short years of sacrifice their lost church may replace ;
The thought sheds joy on every heart, a smile on every face.
Whene'er the warring elements exhausted sleep once more.
Eager they seek the glittering spoil along the dripping shore.
Some search the channel's oozy bed left for a moment dry,
While others higher on the beach a safer fortune try.
And some with bolder foot press close on the receding flood,
Still watchful lest their faithless foe turn back in angry
Children o'erleap the narrow creeks, light bounding to and
With panting breath and burning cheeks, each new found
    prize to show.