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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



But when the gathering darkness came, its deep and sullen
More dreadful than the shrieking gale, shook all the trem-
    bling shore.
Long, long, and fearful was the night, hut when, with languid
And tardy wing, the morning rose upon the drenched isle,
The winds were hushed ; not so the dash of the flir sound-
    ing sea.
Toward which the anxious shepherds looked with kindly
There, beating on a fital shoal, a noble vessel lay,
And high above her stately decks was tossed the snow-white
A moment more, a sturdy boat, strong arms at every oar,
Is flying toward the stranded ship where loud the breakers
Now, God be thanked ! the gallant craft is not a hopeless
    wreck ;
The weary crew are standing safe upon the sloping deck.